Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Where do the buses pick us up?

Answer:If you live in or near Boerne or Fair Oaks, We can pick you up right at your front door.  If you live in San Antonio or surrounding areas, we decide on a park-n-ride pick-up location that is easiest for you and your group, in or near Boerne.  You could also all meet at our location in downtown Boerne.  There is plenty of parking. 

Q:How do we pay?

A:The Shabby Bus accepts cash or credit cards.  Full payment is due before the event and will be charged to the card on file 48-96 hours before the tour. 

Q: How do we reserve the bus?

A: First, make sure the day you want is available by contacting us by phone or e-mail.  We e-mail you an electronic contract to fill out, and when you complete it and e-mail it back the bus is reserved for your group! If you do not have a contract on file with us, you DO NOT have a reservation. :)

Q: What hours does the bus operate?

A:Our wine tours can start as early as 9:00am, but keep in mind that most wineries don't open until 10 or 11.  Private rentals for weddings, parties, or events may begin at any time, but we have a final drop off no later than 2:30 AM.

Q:What is the maximum number of people that the bus can hold?

A: Our buses hold up to 15 adults.  We're working on our biggest bus yet. It'll seat 30 people :)

Q: Can we bring our own drinks and food?

A: YES! We have a built in ice chest on Shabby #1, and you're welcome to bring ice, beverages, and food to put in it.  Our second bus has plenty of room for you to bring your own ice chest. It IS LEGAL to drink alcoholic beverages on the bus too!!                                                                                                                                                                                                          Q:  If we just want a shuttle ride somewhere, do we have to pay for hours we're not using the bus?    A:  If it is a local Boerne shuttle, or within 15 miles, NO!  If we have to drive a long distance to drop off your group, and our driver will have to wait for the guests at the location, we charge for consecutive hours.  We do have a minimum of 4 hours required for all reservations.